BR Services

BR primary goal is to build a healthy society and motivate everyone live healthy and happy life.
To achieve this goal BR members do lot of activites like Yoga/meditation/walking/running/biking/hiking to cotinuosly motivate the people.

BR secondary goal is how we can help needy people and give back to society.
As part of this goal BR is doing below social services
Every year BR conduct Run for charity event to support student education and provide electronic education to Charity and public schools

BR Giving

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BR Students

Education is the best gift to donate. Education is nobody can steel and Person can settle well in life and help many other people in future. BR is spending 50% charity contributions to provide quality education to poor and merit students.
As of now BR is supporting 21 students education from 1st grade to Master Degree.BR goal is to continue 21 students education until they complete master degree.
BR volunteers guide the students career and motivate them to get top ranks in schools. BR volunteers feel this is heartful joy when we help someone in need

BR Players

BR is helping talented players who are poor and targeting to get olymphics.
BR is only organization can post tax document directly on website every year. That shows our transparency and if you show us any misuse we will give $100 gift card that is the confidence we are giving to all volunteers. We have special audit team who monitor all these activities.

Love The World

“Helping hands are more powerful than praying hands”

BR Schools

BR is providing below Accessories for Charity schools and Public Schools. There are 25 Orphan kids getting benefited from BR Charity School program. There are many volunteers working without politics/religion/region across the countries to support orphan kids education. This is great platform for anyone who would like to do self less service to the Orphan kids. 100% donation directly going to schools and students.

Basic facilities to School

School Backpack Program/Accessories Computer Projector/screen Speakers Accessories CDS

BR decided to provide electronic education CDS(Math, English,Science, Social, Yoga, Meditation) from best teachers and giving to the Charity schools and Public Schools.