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About BestRunner

The BestRunners.Org (Registered 501.C.3) are a growing community based in Washington D.C that are determined to live healthy and improve the lives of underprivileged families across the world.

BestRunners three primary goals are:
-Funding Education for underprivileged.
-Fighting Hunger by supporting food shelters.
-Providing Shelter for disabled & orphans.

All Donations to BestRunners are tax deductible. However, BestRunners encourages everyone to donate full heartedly than just for tax deduction. BestRunners is a registered 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization (Federal Tax ID: 47-4196907).

100% Volunteer driven
100% Transparency on funds
0% Administrative expenses
BestRunners encourages members to protect their families (over 50% have life insurance)

Thanks to BestRunners Volunteers, who contribute and handle all the work. Also, BestRunners Juniors (Volunteer group between the age of 10 to 18) contribute whenever/wherever possible. All the expense(example, lunch, dinner etc) incurred during the BestRunners meeting are paid by the volunteers themselves.

BestRunners board members, committee members and volunteers contribute once a year overhead cost fund. This fund is used for website hosting and website development.

Yes, 100% (Often 200% of your donation using Employer Matching Program). Please note, all the donations are handled by Paypal and they charge a nominal fee for the processing. You can send us a check or Donate via Facebook www.facebook.com/bestrunnersorg to avoid the paypal processing fee. Thanks to Facebook for recognizing and supporting BestRunners as non-profit charity.

Most of the employers matches your donation to BestRunners. For example, If you donate 500$ to BestRunners, then your employer donates 500$ and makes the total donation received by BestRunners to $1000. Please check with your Human Resources (HR) department about the employer matching program. Please send an email to BestRunners@Gmail.com if you need any documentation to submit to your employer.

BestRunners policy is NOT to spend any money on advertisement. Thanks to Google for recognizing BestRunners and displaying FREE advertisement in Google.

That is very unique to BestRunners. BestRunners got great, enthusiastic and tireless volunteers who are ready to help without any expectations. All the volunteers believe in BestRunners philosophy of giving back and abide by the policy of the BestRunners.

Yes, BestRunners love to have more volunteers without ANY expectations in return. BestRunners is NOT affiliated to any political party or religious or country.

Yes, BestRunners will provide the volunteer hour certification to your school going kid for the hours they spend in volunteering. Also, the kids can join the BestRunners Junior program and contribute regularly.

BestRunners is very open and honest non profit organization. Please send your recommendations to Info@BestRunners.org BestRunners will review and help you in supporting such shelters and program, if they meet the BestRunners guidelines.