Best Runners Giving No. 109 – 11/17/2019

✋ Best Runners Giving No. 109 – 11/17/2019 ✋

✋#BRGiving – The Novelty in celebration of special days ✋

  • ✋Today’s Shelter: Loudoun Homeless Shelter, Leesburg, VA
  • ✋Total Cost of the event: $120
  • ✋Number of people served: 35

✋The Giving Story:

Giving is the master key to success in all applications of life, be it money, help, smile, or care. Think of giving not as a duty but as a privilege. If God has made you privileged enough to offer, you must do it. And, it is a known fact that no one has ever become poor by giving, it only brings satisfaction, success, and harmony.

Another great Giving took place on November 17th, 2019, when Prasad observed his father’s anniversary by serving the community. As a family, what can be a better way to celebrate the memories of your loved ones. They cooked at home and served fresh and hot lunch for 35 people at Loudoun Homeless Shelter at Leesburg.

Menu included:

  • Cilantro Rice
  • Chickpeas chili
  • Barbecue chicken – drumsticks
  • Greens sautéed – beans, Brussels sprout
  • Naans – stone fires, heated with butter
  • Salad – lettuce, red/green peppers, cucumber, chickpeas, etc.

His wife Santhi and neighbor Chakri accompanied Prasad in shopping, food preparation, packing, and delivering. This event was an excellent example of a community family serving the community.

✋Giving Leaders:

  • Prasad
  • Shanthi
  • Chakri

Let’s change the way we celebrate our special days ✋

Please sign up to pick any day (your own “Giving Day”) to give back to society. We are putting the whole year calendar so that you will find a weekend around your SPECIAL day. BR team is committed to helping you with everything you need to make it your own “Giving day.” Please email Sundar at; mention “BR Giving – <your giving date>” in the subject line.

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